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Personalized Yet Simplified Process

At Concierge FPG we use a custom process to learn your unique story, goals and concerns in order to create a personalized plan. We'll work together at each step of the way to make complex issues simple and understandable. This process empowers you to take control of your financial life. 

ENGAGE: Establish and Define The Client / Advisor Relationship

We begin by discussing how we can work together to develop and implement your financial plan, We strive to understand your financial situation and help you define your goals by:

  • Learning about your situation
  • Establishing the cost of financial planning
  • Organizing documents

COLLECT: Gather Your Information, Including Goals, Feelings and Expectations

The more detailed information we learn, the more accurate your personal financial plan can be.  We conduct an audit of your current situation and develop a comprehensive or single-focus financial model of your situation, including:  

  • Defining our working relationship
  • Gathering financial data, objectives, risk tolerances and feelings
  • Integrating your attitudes, views and concerns
  • Learning and prioritizing your goals 

ANALYZE: Process and Analyze to Determine Financial Needs

We identify gaps and opportunities between your current financial situation and your objectives, feelings and risk tolerance by focusing on:  

  • Reviewing your data relative to you goals, objectives and attitudes
  • Analyzing and evaluating your financial data
  • Preparing a preliminary financial plan, involving key advisors as needed and refining recommendations.  

DESIGN: Develop and Present Financial Planning Recommendations

Based on our conversations and analysis, we offer effective strategies and identify solutions that are an appropriate fit for your personal situation. This stage is where the financial planning takes shape by:  

  • Presenting a final financial plan
  • Answering questions and gaining your input
  • Establishing an action plan

IMPLEMENT: Carry out the Financial Plan Recommendations

We present the specific recommendations that are designed to help toward meeting your goals and discuss the pros, cons, risks and costs for each alternative.  This helps ensure that you will make an informed decision. This includes: 

  • Coordinating with your other advisors, i.e. Tax Professional, Attorney
  • Reviewing and recommending specific financial products for your consideration 
  • Assist in implementing the financial plan

REVIEW: Reassess the Financial Plan Recommendations

Many factors can impact the viability of your financial plan in the future - a life event, unexpected expenses or income, change in taxes, etc. We'll meet with you periodically to check the status of your plan by : 

  • Comparing actual results to initial assumptions
  • Making adjustments as your situation changes
  • Keeping your financial plan updated and current

At Concierge FPG, we know ongoing reviews, frequent communication and periodic adjustments are key to meeting your long-term financial goals.  So although REVIEW appears to be the last step of our process, it is actually where we spend the most time.  This is the foundation of our Client / Advisor relationship.  

Every Home Must be Built on a Solid Foundation. 

Just like a good contractor would never set out to build your custom home without a blueprint, we would never craft a financial plan without first understanding your unique needs. Our 6-step streamlined process starts by building a solid foundation and continues with collaboration at every step of the way.  The end result is a blueprint that puts your whole financial house together as efficiently, effectively and proactively as possible. 

Costs and Fees

Concierge Financial Planning Group offers several types of compensation options:  

  • Percentage of assets under management
  • Hourly charges
  • Fixed fee
  • Commissions 

We will discuss these options early in the client engagement phase.